10 of the best Muslim mobile apps

Ramadan Legacy App icon

Ramadan Legacy

It’s one of high quality app for Ramadan month . It can help you plan and track all your progress in Ramadan.

The Sira App icon

The Sira app

The First Interactive Islamic App For Kids About Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) And Beginning of Islam.

Nuqta app icon


It’s first app every, that you can find and share Arabic Calligraphy and Typography from you mobile. This app it’s kind of museum for Arabic Calligraphy.

IslamAudio app icon


It’s kind a unique app, that give you a islamic audio books app for you as high quality audio book. So you can work, Exercises, or in transportation time, listen for audio islamic book.

Halal Gems Restaurant Finder app icon

Halal Gems Restaurant Finder

FInd Halal food when you are travel out maybe it’s something super hard to find it, but this app give a solution for that, to search and find restaurant who give you Halal food.

Salam app icon

Salam سلام

If you are in way to make Hajj or Umrah this app absolutely for you, this app will give you a guidance with every step for that, friend tracking with map, and Tawaf and Sa’i counters.

Islamic GPS app icon

Islamic GPS

We thinks it’s first Islamic app for Augmented reality. This app will help you people to find Mosques and Islamic Landmarks around the world. And even see some of them as 360°.

Quran Companion app icon

Quran Companion

This app is the smartest way to memorize the Quran. With scientifically-backed learning techniques and games, memorizing the Quran is more effective, easy, fun & social.

Noor Quest app icon

Noor Quest

Calling all Muslim space kids! Join the Muslimnauts characters to play in this game. as they race to recover the missing pages from their special Quran!

muslimy app icon


This app in four words is: Discover cool Muslimy things. So by using this app you can find awesome things that are happening, filmed and more, about Muslims from all over the world.

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